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Artist's Statement by Mark Blackshear
White orchids again a black backgroundCity scene through a rainy windowLooking up at the Statue of Liberty against beautiful blue skyBrooklyn building with a dog in one window and cat in anotherCrystal ball with a golden dolphins base

I Imagine Myself

Mark Blackshear: Self Portrait

Mark Blackshear

I imagine myself peering from behind a photographer’s blind, always observing, but rarely participating. I have an ephemeral sensation of being a camouflaged moth on a tree. I imagine seeing my life from that perspective, that tree, as a solitary instant in eternity. Preserving life’s moments and sharing them, makes the most, I think, of my photographic proclivity. I get great satisfaction from the responses viewers have to these images of my perceived realities. As an artist and photographer, this is my mantra. I am convinced that my creative potential escapes the propensity to categorize, characterize, compartmentalize, explain, or limit my photographic expression.

I will succeed in a career as a photographer, and I always resolve to improve, and be the best I can; however, I want to be much better than that.