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Mark Blackshear Galleries
My Personal Work


Nanrakuen Garden, Japan

1. Nanrakuen Garden, Japan

Circus act with horses Landscape with lake
2. Circus, New York City 3. Landscape
Circus act with giant Chinese lion puppets Butterflies and origami butterflies on black background World Trade Center courtyard sculpture Dancing circus performer
4. Circus, New York City 5. Butterflies 6. World Trade Center 7. Circus Performer, New York City
Circus act with hoops Circus act with rider in red and performer Palamino Circus act with zebras Circus act: clowns and giant beach balls
8. Circus, New York City 9. Circus, New York City 10. Circus, New York City 11. Circus, New York City
City scene through a rainy window City scene through a rainy window City scene through a rainy window Collection of antique keys
12. Heavy Rain Series (Bus Edition) 13. Heavy Rain Series 14. Heavy Rain Series 15. Collection of Antique Keys
Button collection Button collection Chinese horse Wedding bouquet and bridal rings

19. Key Collection

16. Button Collection 17. Button Collection 18. Chinese Horse
Butterflies and cauliflower

20. Butterflies and Cauliflower

Children in Brooklyn playing street games Child on Carousel, Brooklyn Gray cat

23. Gray Cat with Yellow Eyes

21. The Scully King of Fort Greene 22. Carousel, Prospect Park, Brooklyn