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Mark Blackshear Galleries
Photographing Flowers


Orange dahlia

Deep red amaryllis Sigmas Sigma
1. Dahlia 2. Amaryllis 3. Sigma 4.Sigma
Sigmas Sigmas Clematis Orchids
5. Sigmas 6. Sigmas 7. Clematis 8. Orchids
Orchids Orchid Orchid White amaryllis
9. Orchid 10. Orchid 11. Orchid

12. White Amaryllis

Orchid Clematis Culivar flower in deep blue Orchid Purple water lilies in bloom
3. Orchid 14. Clematis Cultivar 15. Orchid 16. Water Liliies
Orchid Orchid Hydrangea in blue Pink hibiscus
17. Orchid 18. Orchid 19. Hydrangea (Ajisai) 20. Hibiscus
Orchids Orchid Sunflower and puppy Purple and yellow water lilies in bloom
21. Orchid 22. Orchid 23. Sunflower and Puppy 24. Water Lillies
Lipstick flower
25. Lipstick Flower
26. Hybiscus
Bee and daisies
27. Bee and Daisies
Bee and daisy
28. Bee and Daisy